The 5 Stages of a Bad Review

Just like grief, there are 5 stages we all go through when we receive a bad review. The problem is, if you don’t allow yourself to pass through all of them in order, things can get messy. Using one of our bad reviews as an example, I’ll walk you through all 5 of these stages. At each stage we’ll look at opportunities and identify pitfalls. Finally you’ll learn how to craft a professional response that also speaks to your future guests. In short, I’m going to show you how to turn a negative review into a positive experience in 5 (mostly) easy steps.

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How to Get More 5-Star Reviews

If you’ve been renting your home for more than 5 minutes then you know that the secret to winning the vacation rental game is 5-star reviews. Regardless of the platform, the more 5-star reviews you have the higher your listing will rank. The higher you rank, the more often potential guests are likely to pick your property out of the hundreds of other vacation rental options from which they have to choose. Continue reading “How to Get More 5-Star Reviews”