Taming Your Electricity Bill – Part II

Okay, here we go again with another article documenting our favourite techniques for keeping monster electricity bills at bay in your vacation rental home. If you missed our first instalment on this topic please take a look at our previous post. I’ll put a link to it at the bottom of this page. Continue reading “Taming Your Electricity Bill – Part II”

Taming Your Electricity Bill

There are many places in the world where you can take electricity for granted. Unfortunately, Nicaragua is not one of those places. In fact, even in a country where a beer in a bar costs less than 2 bucks, it’s still possible to run up a monster electricity bill in less than a month if you’re not careful. This article is all about taming these monster electricity bills in a vacation rental home in Nicaragua. That said, most of these best practices can be adapted to wherever in the world your vacation rental home is located. Continue reading “Taming Your Electricity Bill”

Understanding Your Nicaraguan Electricity Bill

We have owned a house in Nicaragua for almost 9 years but it’s only been about 9 days since we finally cracked the indecipherable mess that is our monthly electricity bill. Here’s the problem; every month your electricity shows up at your home (or doesn’t) covered in charges, subsidies, kilowatt readings and usage rates rounded to the nearest 100,000th of a cordoba ($0.0000003 USD). Since Disnorte-Dissur uses a sliding scale, all of these calculations are done multiple times and in a font so small you need a telescope to read them. Continue reading “Understanding Your Nicaraguan Electricity Bill”