Terms and Conditions

By completing this booking, the person identified on the Booking Confirmation page (Primary Guest) agrees to the following rental terms:

1. CANCELLATION POLICY –  Bookings cancelled more than 7 days before arrival will be refunded 100% of their total rental fees. Bookings cancelled within 7 days of arrival will be refunded 50% of their total rental fees.

2. LISTING DETAILS – Primary Guest shall abide by all rental rules and policies outlined in the property description including Maximum Occupancy, and the Electricity Usage Policy.

3.    MINIMUM AGE – The Primary Guest must be at least 25 years old.

4.  NON SMOKING – Smoking is NOT permitted inside the house. Smoking is only permitted outside the house. Smoking inside the house may result in a $200 cleaning fee.

5.     ACCESS – Access to the rental property may require a vehicle with 4×4 capabilities. Any access requirements are listed on the property description page.

6.     PARTIES AND EVENTS – Parties or events are not allowed on the property.

7.     NOISE – Loud noise or music is not permitted after 11:00pm.

8.     SUBLETTING – Guests shall not sublet the entire premises or any part thereof.

9.     APPLIANCES – Appliances are to be used for their intended purpose only.

10.  PETS – Pets shall NOT be allowed on the premises or in the house without express permission from Mango Vacation Rentals. 

11.  RIGHT OF ENTRY AND INSPECTION – Mango Vacation Rentals may enter the property upon advance notice and at reasonable times, in order to inspect the premises and make repairs. Mango Vacation Rentals may also request access, with advance notice,  to the property for real estate agents/prospective buyers.

12.  ALTERATIONS – Guests shall not paint, alter or redecorate, change or install locks, install antenna or other equipment, screws, fastening devices, large nails, or adhesive materials on or in any portion of the premises.

13.  INSURANCE – Guests acknowledge that any insurance held by the owner of the property does not cover personal property damage caused by fire, theft, rain, war, acts of God, acts of others, and/or any other causes and neither the owner of the property nor Mango Vacation Rentals shall be held liable for such losses.

14.  GUEST LIABILITY – Primary Guest agrees to accept liability for any damages caused to the property (other than normal wear and tear) by themselves and their guests, including, but not limited to property contents, landscaping, misuse of appliances and/or furniture, and swimming pool.

15.  LIMITATION OF LIABILITY – To the fullest extent permitted by law, Primary Guest hereby waives any rights they may have to sue the owners of the property or Mango Vacation Rentals with respect to personal injury suffered by themselves, family members or any other person who may be a member of our party and hereby release the owner of the property and Mango Vacation Rentals from any liability for such injury or damage.